Wise up to Websites – Part 4

So, in part 4 of Wise up to Websites we continue to look at the things you should do before contacting a web developer.

Part 4 – Before you see a developer – 2

Before contacting a web developer make sure you:

  • Ask yourself; do you have a realistic budget in mind?
  • Remember; you pay peanuts you get monkeys!
  • Have you thought about payment methods and costs
  • Also consider back up and security of your website (at yodelcreative we do this for you)
  • Do they look professional, work well and are they easy to find?
  • Is the company reputable with a good portfolio of clients whose websites you can also check out?
  • Do the websites they have designed for others look professional, create the right image and do they work well e.g. easy to navigate

Look at some of the websites the developers on your list have designed, see if page titles are individual and unique this is vital or Google and other search engines will not be able to index the pages in your website and you won’t get ranked

–     What sector experience do they have?
–     Have they designed e-commerce sites?
–     Google the company names – what do you find?

– See more at: http://www.yodelcreative.co.uk/blog/wise-up-to-websites-part-4/#sthash.dH57YsId.dpuf