Registering your intellectual property – what, why and how!

Registering your intellectual property – what, why and how!

Last year, we applied to register Your Marketing Goodguys® as a trade mark. The registration has now been granted, ensuring that the strapline Your Marketing Goodguys® can only be used by us in promoting our services.

But what does it mean and why did we do it? Moreover, why should you protect YOUR intellectual property rights? Let us explain…

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Welcome to our world!

Jonathan at Westleigh High School

Each year, we support Westleigh High School’s World of Work day, running workshops with Year 9 students about the creative media industry and our roles at CRE8.

During the day, students have the opportunity to attend a number of different sessions across a range of topics such as education, public services, cookery and law. It’s a great way for them to focus on what they may look to do in future and identify the subjects they will need to study at GCSE.

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Ed_tec Live 2016

Ed_tec Live 2016

We’re proud to work for many local schools in the Wigan and Leigh area, producing websites, quality design and print and outsourced marketing services for both primaries and secondaries.

On Thursday 10th March, we’ll be at Ed_tec Live 2016, an ICT-focused event presented by ABtec Education which will feature workshops and training sessions on topics such as online safety, use of mobile technology and using IT effectively within schools.

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