Wise up to Websites – Part 3

Before you contact a web developer you should consider what kind of website your business needs. At yodelcreative we offer a free 1 hour consultation at our office in Leigh. This meeting is no-obligation and we offer our free advice and guidance on the best way forward for your and your business. If you would like to meet up please get in touch.

Part 3 – Before you see a developer – 1

So, What Do You Want From A Website?

Are you clear about the function of the website – what will it do for the business?

• Will it be a shop window for your business?
• Will it be the actual business?
• An information point?
• A shop?
• A payment engine…..?

Are you certain about what the content should be…

• Content – is it written
• Information you want to convey, images, videos, downloadable documents etc.
• Update – who is going to have responsibility for keeping the website up to date?

Think about how will the website fit with your marketing strategy and how does it fit with your branding and other marketing materials.

Do you have a logo/graphics/branding or will they also need to be developed alongside the website?

Think about:

– Design
– Layout
– Content and Message
– Menus

Look at other websites and note what you do and don’t like – start a portfolio to give your developer an idea of the types of site you are aiming for.