Wise up to Websites – Part 6

Be Thorough in our Research and Preparation – your website is business investment, make sure you ask these final few questions.

Part 6 – Final questions to ask your web developers

  • How do you access the CMS system to update text and pictures?
  • Do they offer training and support in how to use the CMS system – and not just a one off session?
  • Do the offer the ability to gather information and statistics about website – for example number of visits to the site, times of day when traffic is high…
  • Can the offer advice and support on social media and social networking – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Blogs etc?- Linking twitter and other social networking activity to your website can improve search engine ranking
  • Do the offer basic website terms and conditions and advice on what you need to comply with under the Business Names Act 2006, The Copyright Designs and Patent Act 1988 etc