A final word from the desert

Thursday saw our final working day here in Dubai, and what a busy one that was! All of our days in the office have flown by and Thursday was no exception. We had an awful lot to get through each day, making sure we’d spoken to the people we needed to meet, updated our client with progress and contacted those not in the office by conference call or Skype. By 10am on Thursday we’d already ticked off two meetings, so the going was good!

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The working week so far

As-Salaam Alaikum! It’s Wednesday night, meaning that tomorrow is the end of our working week here in Dubai. Jonathan and I have been working really hard with, getting to know our client’s work, its brand, its projects and, most of all, its people. They’ve made us feel so welcome and everyone is really looking forward to seeing the finished results of our labours – as are we!

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