Introducing BERT: Here’s what he means for your website.

Think BERT, and you’re probably imagining that lovable muppet, best pal of Ernie, who was a helpful partner and great friend.

Unfortunately, the BERT I’m going to tell you about isn’t quite as cuddly, but he could well be your friend and can certainly help your website to generate the leads, enquiries and sales you need to help your business grow. Continue reading “Introducing BERT: Here’s what he means for your website.”

Your Marketing Goodguys go crazy for colour!

New to the office this week is this little gadget – a Colourimeter.

We often find that the same colours can display slightly differently across multiple screens depending on the amount of light being absorbed. For example, a shade of pink that we use in a design may appear as a completely different colour to you when viewed on a different monitor.

Continue reading “Your Marketing Goodguys go crazy for colour!”

Working on our new website.

CRE8 Logo

Our team are working on our brand new website. We’re planning to make important changes to our site, clearly defining our services, and our proposition statement.

Myself, Jordan and Jonathan are working hard on the layout and design. The new website will be going live June/July 2015.

Keep an eye out!