Wise up to Websites – Part 2

OK, so it might sound like a silly question we’re asking here, but do you actually need a website in the first place? Before we move on to part 3, let’s have a think…

Part 2 – Deciding whether or not you need a website

  • A badly designed and non functioning website can damage your brand, reputation and the perceptions of potential customers. We recommend that your branding and logo are up to scratch before you think about having a website built for your business.
  • It is vital to get it right first time – one chance for the right first impression; don’t rush the web design process, but lots of thought into its content.
  • Where does a website sit in your business and marketing plans?
  • Where are your target customers?

If you’re a start-up, it may be better to have just a 1 page website (a holding page), which displays your brand, your contact details, and a couple of paragraphs about you and your business.

This will then give you breathing space, time to think about what you want before you commit to a bigger, more costly website.

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