Algorithms and Digital Marketing

As algorithms change, our online marketing strategies need to change, too. If you’re unsure what an algorithm is, and how they affect Your Goodguys, be sure to read our earlier posts.

What do you want to see?

Google has identified that brands should shift their focus onto what their audiences actually want to see on their website, and Google’s algorithm now places far greater emphasis on the needs of people and the importance of relationships. This is great for Your Marketing Goodguys, as people and relationships is what we do best. Social media, and the strategic use of it, is now more important than ever: its popularity will contribute significantly to how well your site performs.

Facebook algorithms

Facebook News Feed algorithms have evolved so that posts with lots of user engagement and interaction will be seen by lots of people, regardless of whether or not they are fans, followers, or friends. This has made promoted posts a much more worthwhile investment, as they will be seen by plenty of users. Facebook’s algorithm considers the types of posts which users typically engage with, which therefore influences what they see on their feeds. This means that businesses should be considering how users are interacting with them on social media; for example, on their mobile phones.

Quality digital marketing

Keeping that in mind, most algorithm updates confirm what we already know about digital marketing; and that is the importance of good SEO and quality content. In the past, Google would reward sites for posting anything at all, no matter of its relevance; however, there is now a strict focus on content that gives value to the user by being informative, engaging, and – most importantly – original.  It’s here that the phrase quality over quantity really rings true. One original, high quality blog post per week which contains trusted links is much more valuable to your site than a daily blog post that is irrelevant.

Write for your audience!

When it comes to the effect of algorithms on digital marketing, it’s important to remember who you’re actually speaking to. The algorithms exist to provide the best possible search results; if you keep the user in mind at all times, they shouldn’t cause you any long-term damage.

If you have any questions about what an algorithm is, how they affect our work, and the effect that they have on digital marketing, then please get in touch.