5 things you need to know about Twitter

With more than 200 million users, an estimated 300 million daily tweets being sent and an average of 460, 000 new accounts being created every day, Twitter has earned its place on the social media pedestal. Just like Facebook, there are a few things you need to know before you can really get the best out of Twitter:

1. Hashtags are helpful

Despite having proven to reduce engagement levels on Facebook, the use of hashtags on Twitter is actually the key to engagement.

Posts by journalists receive 100% more engagement when hashtags are used, with the posts of news organisations receiving 50% more engagement. Keeping this in mind, squeezing a hashtag into every tweet you send, so long as it’s relevant, may help you rather than hinder.

2. Use more media

While the focus on Twitter is delivering your message in just 140 characters, it’s worth remembering that photos and videos can be included too. And they should be.

Tweets containing media can result in up to 3 to 4 times MORE engagement than those without. Check out your Twitter reach. Can it be improved? Of course it can! Try inserting some media into your tweets and see what happens.

3. Mute manic tweeters

If you follow someone who fills your timeline with complete nonsense, then you’re not alone. But often in these instances, these people are our friends and the action of unfollowing them could cause more earache than it’s worth.

Fret no more! You can just ‘mute’ them. You’ll still be ‘following’ them; you just won’t see their tweets anymore. The best part? They’ll have no idea you’ve done it.


4. Reaching or replying?

Probably the most common Twitter mistake is mentioning someone right at the start of a tweet. If your goal is to reply to one of their tweets, then this is fine.

If, however, you’re writing a tweet for all of your followers to see but mentioning someone in it, then writing their handle right at the beginning of the tweet instantly makes it invisible to anyone who isn’t following both you and the account you’ve replied to. For a tweet to appear publically to all of your followers, remember to include some wording (this can be anything from a full sentence to just a full stop) before any ‘@’ handle.

This is a reply. Only people who also follow @wiganexpo will see this tweet.
This is a reply. Only people who also follow @wiganexpo will see this tweet.

5. Permanently position tweets

Whether you received incredible interaction with a tweet, you have a product or service you really want to push, or you simply believe in a tweet’s message, pin it to the top of your profile, where it will sit permanently until you unpin it. It’ll be the first thing anyone sees when they go on your profile!


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