Wireframes 101: What is a Wireframe?

Websites by Your Marketing Goodguys® are truly bespoke, each one specifically tailored to the needs of our client. Our websites are developed from scratch following close consultation with the client to find out exactly what it is they’re looking for and how they want their website to function. Once we’ve established the preferred styles of the client, we create our ‘wireframe’.

What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is the crucial first step in your website design. Before colours and images can even be considered, we must first decide on an outline for the site and work out how it’s going to function.

Made up of different box elements displaying where all content, images and interaction points will be placed on a page, a wireframe allows you to see how your website will be viewed and used by its visitors. It’s important to note that images and colours are not included at this stage.

All wireframes by Your Marketing Goodguys® are annotated, describing in detail how the user will be able to interact with your site and our reasons behind each element. For example, if there is a logo in the header, its function may be to redirect users to the homepage when clicked.

Why do we use wireframes?

Wireframes help us, and you, to understand our goals and the project that we’re working on.

The deliberate lack of colour and images is to allow you to focus solely on the functionality of your site without any distractions. All of these things are incorporated at a later stage –the general mock up- and this is where your website truly comes to life.

How do wireframes help?

Not only do wireframes help the designer, but they help you, too.

They allow us to work with you on how you want your website to work, and it gives you the opportunity to identify what you want on the site, where you want it, and any changes that you’d like us to make.

Once you’ve received your wireframe, you’ll have a great idea of what the finished product is going to look like; even at this very early stage.

To find out more about wireframes, or if you have any further enquiries, get in touch with Your Marketing Goodguys® and we’ll be happy to help.