Marketing and creative solution to increase local awareness and sales enquiries.

Everything HomeSquad needs to increase local awareness and sales enquiries

Local client HomeSquad recently relocated its showroom to a more prominent location, just off the East Lancs, aiming to increase footfall and visibility amongst the local audience. HomeSquad’s team has been in the home improvement industry for over 30 years, supplying, fitting and adapting bathrooms, and now kitchens, across the North West. The HomeSquad brand is targeted at private homeowners in the region.

Our client was looking for a solution which delivered a complete range of marketing skills, allowing the team to get on with what they do best. With everything in place to start supplying, fitting and installing kitchens, HomeSquad wanted someone to market the new showroom and launch the new kitchen range. Working closely with the business’s owners, we identified key goals, target audiences and key local areas to deliver a cohesive 6-month marketing strategy that would increase local awareness, new sales enquiries and allow our client to capitalise on consumer demand for stylish bathroom and kitchen suites.

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Our Delivery

CRE8 first developed HomeSquad’s brand back in 2016, and in 2018 the client was ready to take its marketing to the next step. Through consultancy, Paul and Vicki supported HomeSquad’s owners in identifying the business’s marketing goals. By identifying what the client sought to achieve with the new kitchen and bathroom showroom, and who it wanted to appeal to, we compiled a fully-bespoke marketing strategy which would be managed by our team, including graphic design, content, social media management, PR, advertising and events coordination.

Through monthly strategic and activity planning, HomeSquad’s dedicated Marketing Managers deliver a unique range of marketing support, collateral and ideas which has significantly increased local awareness of the recently launched kitchen and bathroom showroom. Regular marketing meetings and a strong client relationship have enabled us to quickly understand what the client and its target audience needed, implementing a strategy in-house which has already increased enquiries and generated confirmed sales.

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“ CRE8 has supported us with the delivery and launch of our new showroom and all marketing. Within a week of the launch event we noticed an increase in footfall in the showroom, as a direct result from newspaper advertising and point of sale marketing. We love having our own Marketing Manager who fully understands our business, and who we can trust! ”

Gareth Collins, Managing Director, HomeSquad

Our Outcomes

We’re delighted to support our client at the start of an exciting new chapter for HomeSquad. Our team fully-handled the successful launch event, from design and distribution of invitations to development of launch offers, PR, photography, arranging a local sportsman to cut the red ribbon – we even sourced the red ribbon itself! Following the launch, HomeSquad’s received confirmed new sales and increased footfall in the showroom, and brand awareness is greatly increased through effective social media.

We look forward to continuing with the delivery of marketing for the business, with a range of exciting and engaging strategies targeted at local homeowners. Our Marketing Managers support the team on a weekly basis with marketing management, updating website content, graphic design and print, and advertising, with professional and knowledgeable advice tailored to HomeSquad.

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