Your Marketing Goodguys: Team News!

The office has been a busy place this year, and we’re pleased to have welcomed some new faces! 

The new office junior!

As many of you will know, Lauren has been on maternity leave since the summer. We were thrilled to hear that young Harry had arrived safe and sound in August, and we’re pleased to report that he’s doing well!

Lauren’s now recovered from the early sleepless nights and we’re looking forward to having her back in a few months’ time.

Experiencing marketing with CRE8

In August, Chris joined us for some work experience for a couple of weeks. A student at Pendleton College, Chris was looking for some real-life experience in the workplace and we were pleased to help him out, showing him the ropes and getting him involved in our daily office life. He left us some lovely comments in his work experience diary:

‘Overall, my time under Vicki and Paul has given me the experience of a working environment, which is what I wanted, and it also taught me some skills that are very valuable. If you’re interested in a career in marketing then I don’t know a better place to start than CRE8.’

We really believe in the importance of work experience for students, and we’re keen to help out wherever we can. You’ll gain valuable work skills in the real world, and a relevant placement can help you to decide on the career path you want to take.

A helping hand from Sarah!

Marketing Assistant Sarah Walters joined us part-time in October to lend a hand with – well – pretty much anything whilst Lauren has been enjoying her maternity leave!

Sarah’s been assisting VG, managing social media, blogging, progressing our projects and handling other general administration until she travels to Thailand early next year.