Wise up to Websites – Part 5

So it’s now time to contact your list of web developers. It’s important to ask the right questions and remember your check list of requirements.

Part 5 – Before you contact a developer

  • Give the web developers on your shortlist a call
  • How do they respond?
  • What are your first impressions?
  • Did the business sound professional and helpful – it is vital you can establish a good working relationship and feel you can approach and talk to your web developer
  • If first impressions aren’t good change your short list
  • Arrange meetings with your shortlisted developers
  • Give them a clear brief about what you want
  • Ask them for a quote or a pitch – don’t rush into choosing the first you see

Questions to ask your list of web developers

  • Review all the quotes/pitches you have received
  • Go through what has been suggested and prepare for a second meeting
  • Here are some questions you will need to check out if the quotation doesn’t specifically state the answers:
  • Will the website have a CMS system (so you can update it yourself)
  • Do they code (develop websites) to published W3C Standards?
  • What do they use? (beware of Word Press this is a fantastic blogging tool but it is NOT a web development tool)
  • Do they programme things themselves from scratch or use software?– which will mean there can be limitations to the design and functionality
  • Do they design for all common browsers or just one? – websites can appear differently in different web browsers a good developer will make sure your website looks the same on all browsers – IE, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox etc.
    Will your website be search engine friendly – and if so how?
  • Do they take DDA guidelines into consideration in the design and style of the website? And how?
  • Do they optimise images for fast loading of the website? – it can ruin a website if the pictures aren’t correctly sized and take ages to load.
  • Can they link your site to social media? If yes how will this be done?
  • Will they offer a service for future maintenance and updates to your website?