What is a Wireframe?

If your still confused and wondering what a wireframe is, then look no further, here you can find out everything about a wireframe design and why we use them as part of designing your website.

Imagine an architect building a house without a plan or a chef cooking a meal without a recipe, well a wireframe is exactly the same for a designer, we need a basic plan of how the website is going to function before we even think about colours and images.

We always encourage you to visit our studio, so we can get to know your business and yourself a lot better, so we can create the best possible solution for your new website design. During the first initial meeting, we really want to dig deep and find out as much as we can about your business, so we ask questions such as:

–       Is there a particular feel you would like to get across (fun, corporate, clean, etc.)

–       Are there any colours you would definitely like to use?

–       Are there any features that are necessary on your new site (Slideshow, Video, etc.)

After the meeting, that is when we get to work and start to develop the wireframe design for your new website.

So, let us explain further what a wireframe is:

A wireframe is made up of different box elements, which will give you a feel of how the website is going to function. During the wireframe design process will include detailed descriptions of how the user is going to engage with your new website.

Below is an example of a wireframe:



The reasons in which we don’t add colours and images, is essentially because we only want you to focus on the functionality of your website at this stage, the graphical mock-up of your website comes at a later stage. (which is where your website really comes alive)

Once we sent you over the wireframe design, then you have the opportunity to pass it around and show other’s on your team, and if you have any changes, then you can let us know and we will make them before you sign the wireframe design off.

Below is an example of the final website design based on the previous wireframe:


After looking at this final graphical mock-up you should understand how big of an influence the wireframe design has on the final graphical mock-up of your website.

I hope this has given you a clearer understanding of what a wireframe design is and why we use it when designing a website.

If you do have any further questions regarding this post or any other enquiries, then please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Email: hello@thinkcre8.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 1942 316 076