What Brexit means for Your Marketing Goodguys® and your Intellectual Property Rights…

Your Marketing Goodguys
Your Marketing Goodguys

Intellectual Property is the name given to something that is unique to your business. Here at CRE8, that’s our strapline -Your Marketing Goodguys®- and our logo. Our strapline truly defines our business; we are friendly, trusted professionals, and all-round ‘good guys’. This is how we want to be identified, and so we chose to have the phrase trademarked. Now, it’s exclusive to us, and only us!

Choosing to register a trade mark gives you the right to take legal action if someone uses your work without your permission, or tries to pass it off as theirs. It ensures that you reap the value and the rewards of the creative work that you have done. In short, if your trade mark isn’t registered, then it isn’t protected.

To apply for a trade mark, you should submit an application to the government’s Intellectual Property Office, where your request is examined. In some cases, there will be objections to the request- which can be appealed against.

Even if you’ve had a registered trade mark for a while, it’s worth checking whether somebody else is trying to register- or has registered- a trade mark that is similar, or identical, to yours. (A trade mark lasts for 10 years, at which point it needs to be renewed).

What does this have to do with Brexit?

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union on June 23rd brought about a lot of questions about EU Intellectual Property rights, and the UK’s future relationship with the EU trade mark and design system.

As it currently stands, European Union Trade Marks and Registered Community Designs are still very much valid in the UK. It seems there is no immediate loss of Intellectual Property protection, and the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys has advised that they are looking for the best possible outcome for members and owners of Intellectual Property Rights. They’re hoping for a simple and cost-effective transition of all EU based trade mark and design rights to UK Protection, and so are we.

Got any questions?

Your Marketing Goodguys work with an experienced Intellectual Property Consultant. If you have any questions regarding the effect of Brexit on your Intellectual Property, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.