We’ve Moved!

We’re delighted – and relieved! – to have completed our office move! We’ve stayed at Acorn Court, moving down the corridor to Offices 1 & 2 where we’ve got a bigger and better space to allow us to grow.

Update your address books

You’ll need to change our address in your contacts lists to:

Office 1 Acorn Business Centre
Acorn Court
Butts Street
Greater Manchester

NOTE: Our phone number and all other details stay the same.

Why the move?

From just Paul in his home office in 2009, CRE8 has grown and grown and we realised that we needed a bigger space so we could continue to develop our team, project portfolio and systems. We could fit 7 desks into Office 3, but space became tight and we started looking for a bit more room.

Staying in Acorn Court, we’ve moved down the corridor into Offices 1 & 2. With the internal offices, creative workspace and meeting areas we’ve created, we each have room to work the way we want to. We’ve established ‘marketing’ and ‘creative’ areas, and visitors will have a smart seating area (just as soon as we’ve bought the chairs).

We wanted an office that represents the kind of company we are. Internal glass walls create an open and light working space and our new internal meeting room allows us to communicate well as a team. With a bigger space and more room to take on new recruits, we’re looking forward to taking on some more exciting and challenging jobs in 2018!

Paul offering a helping hand

The lads moving all their gear!

Paul’s new office!

The lads’ Creative space

Our Marketing office!

Pop in!

Make sure you come in, have a brew and take a look at Office 1!