Welcome to our world!

Each year, we support Westleigh High School’s World of Work day, running workshops with Year 9 students about the creative media industry and our roles at CRE8.

During the day, students have the opportunity to attend a number of different sessions across a range of topics such as education, public services, cookery and law. It’s a great way for them to focus on what they may look to do in future and identify the subjects they will need to study at GCSE.

All about the brand

Jonathan and Vicki went along this year and delivered three sessions, introducing CRE8, our team and the roles each of us have in the studio. We then introduced the concept of brands; Vicki explained what constitutes a brand, why businesses and organisations of all sizes can and should have a unique identity and how those brands are then communicated to the public via the web, media and social platforms.

We gave the students a quick picture quiz to see which well-known brands they could instantly recognise, which helped them to understand how those businesses have built up strong images with their target audiences.

Hands-on design

Jonathan then introduced his world of graphic design to the students, many of whom were interested in art and design subjects. After he had introduced himself, told the students a bit about his journey into a graphic design career and Jonathan led a practical workshop element during which students were able to get to grips with Adobe Illustrator and design a flyer and poster to advertise Westleigh’s adult education programme.




We gave each student an artboard with images to use and let them loose, able to design however they wished to suit the brief. The artwork needed to fit in with Westleigh’s brand, linking with the first part of our presentation.

We enjoyed the experience, speaking to a different audience and helping students to learn new skills. The best artwork will soon be chosen and we’ll pop back for an assembly to reward the winning student with a prize – more to follow!

Thank you to all at Westleigh, both students and staff, for the invitation and for your hospitality on the day. Hopefully see you next year!