Web Design Wigan (PA Hull)

PA Hull & Co. accountants are based in Wigan. We were approached by this established business who wanted to revamp their existing website.

Their new website had to tick the following boxes:

  • a Mobile-friendly website was a must (many of their clients use mobile phones and tablets to access the internet)
  • the website call-to-actions had to be strong and clear – ‘contact us’
  • the website contact form and map should be easy for visitors to use
  • their new website had to showcase their professional services

PA Hull Chartered Accountants now have a modern and fresh mobile-friendly (fully responsive) website that showcases their professional accountaccy business to a local audience. We would like to thank both Matthew and Catharine for asking Team CRE8 to design and build their new business website.

Here’s a link to the new website design. http://www.pahull.co.uk/

You can find PA Hull & Co. in Wigan – here’s their address: Beech House, 23 Ladies Lane, Hindley, Wigan, WN2 2QA

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