Vicki’s Wedding Day

In July 2009, after a lengthy engagement, Vicki married her husband (Mr G) and became our VG!

Mr and Mrs G welcomed guests to Chester and Wrexham for a knees-up that’s still talked about a decade on, mainly thanks to the generous amounts of free booze, understanding neighbours and a melting pot of cultures which included guests from Australia, Spain, Macau and…err…Leigh.

The lovely bride – VG

Vicki – 10 years on!

Mr and Mrs G are now the proud parents to 7-year old Master G, and VG has journeyed from her career as a solicitor in Commercial Real Estate to our Marketing Manager, via freelance copywriting.

This year, the Gregsons are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary by travelling to Italy as a family to do some sightseeing and eat plenty of pizza!

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