Too many ‘web designers’ saying ‘YES – we can do that’

…and then they can’t.

We’ve been designing and building websites for local businesses for over 5 years – which in web years is a long time I guess. We’ve learned a lot – and we’ve seen designers and developers quickly come and go.

Lately we’ve seen an upsurge in new clients that have been seriously let down by their previous ‘web designers’.

How much is your website actually going to cost you?

The price of this is time and cost. Usually businesses have to walk away and bear the costs themselves, then pay again to have the job done right by which time the project is seriously overdue.

In this industry the phrase ‘web designer’ is too broad – it covers a multitude of skills and disciplines for example:

  • Static web design
  • Responsive web design
  • WordPress – other CMS systems
  • E Commerce web design
  • Function web design
  • Back end web design

The list is endless.

It’s rare that you’re local web designer or studio is able to all of the above. We certainly don’t. If they’re a small studio you should question how they’re able to cover all these services. Do they have the right skills – do they outsources work – if so who (and where) to?

Web designers:

If you’re unsure if you can complete the project/brief say so. Tell the client you’re not sure and get back to them with a clear answer – they’ll appreciate your honesty.


Write down your brief and email this to your web designer before you meet them. Be clear and realistic about your budget. Don’t ask for a ‘ebay’ type website for £500. If you can ask for recommendation and testimonials.


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