The making of a CRE8ive Christmas

We’re so proud of our 2015 Christmas card, it’s worthy of its own blog post! If you haven’t seen it yet, here you go:


CRE8 is all about our team; we’ve grown so much this year, so it was important to us to feature everyone and inject a bit of our quirky (weird?) humour.

Paul came up with the idea back in September after getting his hands on some of Master Gregson’s Lego one day. Unfortunately, Master G doesn’t have quite the stocks required to produce a full scale replica of our office, complete with computers, chairs, desks and people, so Vicki called on the help of her pal Lynne, whose son Max has acquired a pretty extensive collection.

The Cook family welcomed us one Sunday morning in October to produce the masterpiece itself. Paul took charge of office construction while Vicki created our own minifigures (using some artistic licence – there’s no way VG is the same height as everyone else, for starters). With Lynne’s assistance on Christmas tree and workstation development, we were all set!

Everything was running smoothly until young Master G walked straight into Paul’s legs and the perfectly-positioned tripod but luckily he was then distracted by a Scalextric race.

Below are some photos of the ‘build’ and a few different angles of the finished (and definitely not Photoshopped) product. Hope you like it!

christmas-cards-images-3 christmas-cards-images-4
christmas-cards-images-5 christmas-cards-images-6
christmas-cards-images-7 christmas-cards-images-8
christmas-cards-images-9 christmas-cards-images-10