CRE8: Supporting Leigh’s Twelve Apostles’ IT Curriculum

Leigh’s Twelve Apostles R C Primary School approached CRE8’s website development team with a request that was different to those we’re used to! The school asked us to create a basic website template that pupils would be able to code themselves as part of their IT curriculum, which Twelve Apostles’ teachers thought would be an exciting project for pupils to take part in during IT classes.

To help the school with the delivery of coding within the IT curriculum Goodguy Jordan designed and developed a simple website using HTML5 and CSS (code stuff!). The website was built so that it would be relatively straightforward for the children to use as a website development template, amending the design and build of the website using new coding skills gained in their IT classes.


Website development to help Year 6 pupils

Shortly after the students’ website template had been developed by Your Marketing Goodguys, Twelve Apostles invited CRE8’s website development team to visit the school and work alongside the class’s teacher during an IT lesson.

This gave Year 6 pupils the opportunity to ask CRE8’s website development experts any questions they had about the website template or coding, with the opportunity to provide the children with some creative website development know-how and guidance.

Launching the website!

The Twelve Apostles’ Year 6 class has been editing the site and updating each page, developing new HTML elements, content, design and images, all thanks to the coding skills incorporated into the school’s IT curriculum, and some assistance from CRE8.


More recently Jordan has been to visit Twelve Apostles and launch the website the class has worked hard to develop throughout the school year, allowing Year 6 pupils to see their own work live on search engines. The pupils were all very excited and had a team countdown as Marketing Goodguy Jordan hit the ‘go live’ button!

That’s a wrap!

The Year 6 class’s website is now live on the internet and available for them to look back on the coding skills they learned from the exercise.

Want to take a look at the finished product? Visit: