Rest and recuperation

Earlier this month it became clear that I needed a holiday (or was it the team needed a holiday from me?) [Err… no comment – VG].

We’ve had a really busy start to 2016, working long hours to deliver marketing projects for our many clients, plus lots of business development work besides. That, along with the gloomy winter weather of home, inspired me to jet off to sunny climes without delay.

Many of you do this on a regular basis without a second thought, but not this Leigh lad. My passport has only been stamped once before, and for me the ordeal of packing, airports, security, transfers and suchlike does not appeal (it’s much easier to continue being a workaholic!). That said, a decision was made and I committed to my second foreign jaunt.

Where to go?

The attributes required were as follows:

  • Sun and warmth (low-20s please)
  • Manchester flights, 2-3hrs tops
  • Lots to see and do (beach holidays not my thing)
  • Nice hotel
  • 3-4 nights
  • Don’t have to learn another language! [Paul is fluent in ‘Leyth’ but as far as I’m aware this is not yet a recognised European dialect – VG]

Hmm, on reflection the choice was pretty obvious – Barcelona!

Our Vicki put me in touch with Catherine Tierney at Travel Counsellors who organised the lot: flights, seats, check-in, accommodation, transfers. The only thing Catherine didn’t do was pack! She can do the same for you too; call her on 01942 418480 or email

The city

If you haven’t been to Barcelona, I can thoroughly recommend it. The food, the sights and the weather were glorious. The city was much bigger than I expected yet I managed to cram lots into my 3-night stay. Despite what everyone told me I wasn’t pick-pocketed or mugged either.

I’d definitely go back to pick-up where I left off. I’d love to have visited the churches and cathedrals in more detail plus do more general exploring of this historic city (despite walking for 3 days non-stop I didn’t manage to see everything!).

Give yourself a break…

Us MDs take work very seriously; we work very hard and often fail to lift our heads up enough to notice the signs that we need a break. I’m going to make a concerted effort to take more than my usual 2 weeks’ annual holiday, otherwise what’s it all for?

Where next – your inspiration!

If you have holiday ideas that you reckon would tick my boxes, please share them on our blog; we’d love to know about your favourite places.

See you soon!