Paul sets up the business

2009 was a big year for Paul! Following redundancy and with a long-held desire to work in the creative sector, Paul took the leap of faith and started freelancing in graphic and web design from his back bedroom in Tyldesley.

Paul had a steep learning curve ahead of him, with lots of studying, problem-solving and long hours to come. This, along with the state of the economy (think RBS and Lehman Brothers…!), meant that the early years were tough, as was (and is!) the case for many small businesses in the North West.

CRE8’s first office: Paul’s back bedroom, 2009

Paul – 10 years on!

Paul’s perseverance, passion and client-focused values started to pay off. Small clients became regular clients, and referrals started to happen. CRE8 has come a long way from that back bedroom!

The dedication that was needed back in 2009 has meant that 10 years on we have a successful business, working with wonderful clients and a close passionate team of local ‘Goodguys’, all sharing those original values that formed the business a decade ago.

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