Leigh Spinners – Creating Exciting Opportunities for Leigh and Surrounding Areas.

Wigan BBC's Peter speaking about Leigh Spinners Mill

Don’t forget Augusts’ Wigan Borough Business Club, being held at Leigh Library (Turnpike Centre). This month our event is being sponsored by The Leigh Building Preservation Trust, the not-for-profit organisation that’s behind the massive Leigh Spinners Mill project.

Peter Rowlinson of the trust will be discussing their plans for Leigh Spinners, along with other local regeneration projects that are on the horizon.

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Your New Website – Ensuring Success

The CRE8 team

This is a great exercise for those of you that are planning a new website. Put aside some quiet time to read through our FIVE steps to website success.

Here at cre8 we’ll work with you to create the right website for your business, school or charity. We offer no-obligation consultations to discuss what’s outlined below. If you’d like to do this please get in touch.

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What is a Wireframe?

What is a wireframe mockup

If your still confused and wondering what a wireframe is, then look no further, here you can find out everything about a wireframe design and why we use them as part of designing your website.

Imagine an architect building a house without a plan or a chef cooking a meal without a recipe, well a wireframe is exactly the same for a designer, we need a basic plan of how the website is going to function before we even think about colours and images.

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