Nathan’s CRE8ive Diary

If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you’ll already be familiar with Nathan, who’s joined us on work experience this week. In case you’re not, find out more about him here. We asked Nathan to keep a diary during his time in the office, so he could tell you all about his week. So, over to Nathan!


I didn’t really know what to expect today, I came in not really knowing what work I would be doing. But after meeting the team, I had a chat with Jonathan who gave me my first task. This was designing the first few pages of an adult education booklet for Westleigh High School. I really enjoyed spending my first day working on this; I had complete freedom over the design (apart from the brand colours and such of course).


This morning, I completed the work that I started yesterday, which I finished around midday once I was happy with the design and proud of the finished product.

After this, I began working on some van signage for a local client, HomeSquad. This was something that I was new to, as I have never worked on signage or vehicle graphics before. I created the artwork for a Volkswagen Caddy Van; I think the final design was very good!


Today, I moved onto creating a map for Forward Together TSA’s website. Although this task was not as time consuming as the others, it really helped me to develop my graphic design skills.

At lunch, the team went for dinner at the Green Lane Chippy which was great as I could get to know everyone a lot more by speaking to them outside of the working environment.

Later on in the afternoon, Paul sat me down and told me about the ins and outs of web design, which was really helpful as it gave me a deeper understanding of something that I’ve never really done before.


I started my web design task today, which is something that I had to learn to do from scratch. I’ve never done it before, and so everything was really new to me. I got stuck in by researching and looking into it a bit further, before starting to draw out my wireframe.


Once I’d finished my initial wireframe design, I moved on to finalising the website design. I feel this task has been the most challenging, but I’ve really enjoyed it as I’ve learnt a lot.

Overall, the skills I have learnt this week are things that I will take on with me throughout the rest of my design career. This week has been a great insight into the business world; it’s gone by so quickly and I’m sad to see it end!

Not only have I learnt a lot, but I’ve had great fun with the team, which I’ve been proud to be a part of.