Nathan gets CRE8ive!

This week Your Marketing Goodguys are joined by Nathan, a budding Graphic Designer who’s completing his work experience with us after having finishing his 2 years at Pendleton College. We’re happy to welcome Nathan into the office, and we’re eager to give him a taste of design and studio life!

Meet Nathan

Nathan is a keen Graphic Designer, having chosen to study the subject at college in the hopes of a career in the creative industry. Since then, it has become a hobby of his, with him now looking for an apprenticeship in Graphic Design.

Getting CRE8ive

During his first year of college, Nathan completed a 90 credit diploma in Graphic Design, before going on to complete an extended diploma in his second year.

So far this week here at CRE8, Nathan has been working on projects such as booklet design, designing van signage, and trying his hand at web design.

Nathan will be with us for the week, expanding his knowledge of design, the software involved and gaining hands on experience.

“I’ve been learning new things about design and the software every day.”

We’re really enjoying having Nathan in the office, and are looking forward to the rest of the week!