MailChimp Training at the Serpentine Galleries London

Earlier on this month I was asked to deliver two ‘Introduction to MailChimp’ training courses for the Serpentine Galleries team.

It was an honour to be invited down to such a prestigious venue. The Galleries on the ‘banks’ of The Serpentine in Hyde Park makes such a lovely setting – and I was blessed with glorious weather on both days.

MailChimp Training in London
A lovely day for MailChimp Training

Thanks to you Gwen for the invite, and also to your team for making me feel so welcome. Please pass on my regards. Sorry I didn’t get chance to see Marina.

I’ve been thinking about how I can summarise my trips to London, I’m going to cover both MailChimp – and also (and perhaps more controversially) the North Vs South Divide that appears to be alive and kicking…

Introduction to MailChimp Training

One of the opening slides of my presentation covers why we consistently use and recommend MailChimp to our clients. Simply, we think it’s the best solution. Regardless of organisation size (it’s fully scalable) – whether you’re a one man band, or a blue chip corporate MailChimp works on all levels.

Don’t look at MailChimp (or any other kind of Email Service Provider) as a threat – or a spammy solution to marketing. If done right, with the right strategy MailChimp can grow your organisation – leading to more sales and enquiries dropping into your sales funnel.

Anyway, that’s the boring stuff out of the way – what about my trip down to the smoke?!

A Leyther in London

Well, I loved it! Many of you are businesses owners and find yourself in the same boat as me – we don’t often get chance to leave our desks, never mind our town – so I made the most of it!

Hyde Park Corner, home to The Serpentine Galleries
Hyde Park Corner, home to The Serpentine Galleries

On my first visit ‘down south’ I took advantage of the distance and stayed with a good mate (who lives in Kent (thanks Steve lad). The drive down was pretty horrendous (Dartford Crossing) but I enjoyed it all the same. Steve gets the train into London, so I did the same – alighting at Victoria. From there I walked down the side of ‘Buck House’, down Park Lane (past the Ferrari and McLaren dealerships) and over to Hyde Park Corner.

It’s some 7 years since I was last in the capital. So that’s well before the start of the 2008 recession started to bite. I must say that the recession (on the face of it) doesn’t seem to have affected London by much.

Pint, Fish & Chips - bliss
Pint, Fish & Chips – at The Bat & Ball Oxfordshire – bliss

On the drive back home (I stayed off at a The Bat and Ball guesthouse in Oxfordshire) I pondered the immense power of London. Yes it’s the capital – and yes it’s always going to be affluent, but how can our northern cities (once the industrial powerhouse of the Empire) be so left behind?

Dunno if HS2 is the answer or not – let’s leave that for another day!