Investing in our People

Here at CRE8 the focus is on people; us, you, and everyone we come into contact with. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and Your Goodguys strive to provide nothing less than the best. To do this, we need to make investments: into our office, into our services, and most importantly, into ourselves.

The latest addition to the long, ever-growing list of things we’ve done to expand our knowledge and expertise is Paul’s attendance at an event last week in Bury, hosted by the Business Growth Hub. The events focus was on Workforce Development, and the importance of investing in employees.

The event featured a masterclass taster session which was delivered by a practical leading specialist in creating high performance workplaces, leaving Paul with ideas and inspiration for the Goodguys to put into practise.

One top tip that Paul came away with was to find out how his team- Your Marketing Goodguys- feel about performance development here at CRE8. So, he developed a survey which we all filled out, which is likely to give Paul a lot of useful insight! Maybe you could try this in your own company?

Your Goodguys are always doing something to up our game- from courses, to degrees, to becoming a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing! If you have any enquiries, or simply wish to find out more, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!