Goodguys on tour!

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Friday 8th July saw Your Marketing Goodguys take a trip to Southport. The team began the day as though it was just any other Friday; we arrived at the office bright and early, we turned on our computers, and we got to work. Before we knew it, we were on a train, we were in Southport, and then the unthinkable happened…

Jonathan bought the first round of drinks!

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Once we’d all recovered from the shock, we stuck to British seaside tradition and headed for the games arcade. 2ps in hand, we took to the slot machines, which occupied me for longer than I’d like to admit. Inevitably, our supply of 2 pence pieces did run out, and so we re-gathered by the ticket machine, where Paul, Jonathan and Jordan paraded their winnings.

These tickets were traded in for heaps of Haribos, a Minecraft wristband and a bouncy ball.

Exhausted from our arcade experience, we felt as though we had no other option but to treat ourselves to another drink. Little did we know that we were about to be graced by the presence of a celebrity!

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Meet Stuart Hall – an entertainer who came in 7th place on Britain’s Got Talent 5 years ago. He charmed us all with his hilarious dancing and stand-up routine, and we were even lucky enough to get a selfie.

Then it was time for crazy golf – probably the most competitive game ever played.

The game got off to a great start, led by Paul whose first shot was a penalty. ‘We’re in no rush’ we thought, as we looked behind us at the empty crazy golf course, but somehow by hole 5 there was a huge queue forming behind us, which wasn’t helped by mine and Paul’s inability to putt the ball in under 10 attempts. But, in true fashion, we persevered and completed all 18 holes. Jordan was crowned victorious, followed by Jonathan, Vicki, Lauren, Paul, and then, sadly, me.

After another well-deserved drink, we headed back to Leigh for some food. Wetherspoons was the group’s choice; and we had no complaints. The drinks flowed nicely, the food went down a treat, and the children’s entertainment was top notch.

A great day was had by all, ending in style with Nutella shots and cocktails…