Ed_tec Event Live 2016

Moving on from Comic Sans!

On 10th March, Paul and I attended Ed_tec Live 2016, hosted at Wigan’s DW Stadium by school IT specialists ABtec Computers. We were delighted to be asked along; ABtec know that we work with many local schools and this was a good opportunity to touch base both with our existing clients and those who haven’t met us yet.

First things first…

Never one to miss an opportunity and not being a lover of mornings, I lessened the impact of an early start by a quick visit to Starbucks on the way there for bacon sandwiches, an extravagant coffee (me) and a bucket of tea (Paul).

We set up our stand, cleared the breakfast debris and the day started with an interesting and lively presentation by keynote speaker Mark Anderson, an ICT expert and highly engaging presenter. Further presentations followed, focusing on areas including ‘PREVENT’ and new learning, management and communications technologies available to schools.

Down to work

After lunch, we hosted three interactive, round-table workshop sessions. We wanted to do something a bit different so we presented:

Moving on from Comic Sans! Branding, websites and blogging for modern schools.

Our table was busy all afternoon. We introduced the concept of branding for schools: what it is, why schools need a brand and how to create one which is unique.

Practical exercises helped delegates focus on their own schools, thinking about what sets them apart from others and whether that comes across at the moment. We then guided delegates through implementing a brand via a school’s visual identity, website, its communications, blogging and social media, passing on tips for effective strategy.

Branding for schools?

From the reactions on the day, and feedback received since, we believe we gave schools some food for thought and valuable input on the importance of branding, even for public sector organisations such as schools.

Every school is unique, with its own ethos, values and goals; each of these should come across clearly, implemented and reinforced throughout every aspect of school life and every member of its learning community. In this competitive era, where schools are needing to become ever more business-minded, developing a strong brand is central to success.

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