Creating brands: Lucence Signage

Some of our favourite projects are those where we’re involved right from the start, creating distinctive brands that really speak to their target audiences. We’ve recently worked with Lucence, a manufacturer of stunning illuminated signage, to get their business off the ground. Find out how!

When Lucence’s Managing Director Alan approached us, it was with a fantastic product – and not much else!

An experienced signmaker and project manager already working with well-known, global brands such as Superdry, Leigh-based Alan developed his own illuminated signage system which is versatile, reliable and, unlike many competing products, fully manufactured in the UK.

We absolutely loved the product and could see how much quality craftsmanship went into its production. Alan was looking to take the product to market and he asked us to bring his business to life.

Our brief

Creating a brand requires input from our whole creative team. Alan knew that he wanted to market his signage systems but after that, it was up to us. We needed to explore the business, define its values and understand the product and its USPs before developing a brand name, brand visuals and, eventually, a website and other marketing collateral.

Lucence logo

Our delivery

Our consultancy phase is really important to successful delivery of any project. It allows us to delve into the business we’re working with, really getting under its skin to understand its values and what makes it unique.

Paul, Vicki and Alan, aided by a good number of brews and biscuits, worked together to explore the market, the brand and what we wanted to achieve from it. One of the most exciting parts of this early stage is developing the business’ name, which arrived following a lot of careful thought and research.

With a name, we can start to build out the brand; Jonathan designed a range of logo concepts, Vicki developed a strapline and a website brief started to come together as we understood more about Lucence and what Alan wanted from it.

Over several months, the brand became much more real. Alan was using his new business stationery, website content was drafted and the website itself was designed and built using a fantastic range of images supplied by Lucence’s own team.

Lucence website preview on a desktop

Our outcomes

Our team is really chuffed with Lucence. The brand, from its values to its visuals, reflects the business’ professional, high-end product and the website communicates really clearly what Lucence is about, whilst ticking all the marketing boxes.

Want to have a look? You can find out more about Lucence and its brand here! Our work has created Lucence as a business, distinct from Alan’s other projects and allowing him to market his excellent product.

So what’s next? We’re delighted to continue to work with Lucence as a Marketing Manager 360 project, taking the brand and the product to the target audience. From preparing a full marketing strategy to implementation of each aspect and monitoring, our team will deliver comprehensive marketing support to this new business we’re proud to have played a part in.

Lucence website preview on a mobile