MailChimp Training at the Serpentine Galleries London

The CRE8 team

Earlier on this month I was asked to deliver two ‘Introduction to MailChimp’ training courses for the Serpentine Galleries team.

It was an honour to be invited down to such a prestigious venue. The Galleries on the ‘banks’ of The Serpentine in Hyde Park makes such a lovely setting – and I was blessed with glorious weather on both days.

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What is a Wireframe?

What is a wireframe mockup

If your still confused and wondering what a wireframe is, then look no further, here you can find out everything about a wireframe design and why we use them as part of designing your website.

Imagine an architect building a house without a plan or a chef cooking a meal without a recipe, well a wireframe is exactly the same for a designer, we need a basic plan of how the website is going to function before we even think about colours and images.

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