Our Christmas recipe to marketing success

It’s no secret that we at CRE8 Towers love a bit of cake. Chocolate fudge cake, Victoria sandwich, banana loaf, cake acquired from…well…anywhere – we’re not fussy, we love it all.

Now we’ve reached the end of 2015, Vicki’s got the scales out again to make a fragrant, lightly-spiced Christmas cake which last year wowed everyone (the inside anyway – she’s no cake decorator) and it’s got us thinking…

What on earth are we talking about?

Key to any good cake is its ingredients: good quality, fresh and in the right quantities, and the great thing about Christmas cake is that you can shake it up a bit. Well it’s the same for the ingredients of your marketing strategy.

At this time of year, many businesses are looking ahead. What do you want to achieve over the next twelve months? How do you want to grow and, more importantly, how are you going to do it? Putting together the perfect combination of ingredients will result in an effective strategy which catches the eye of your target market.

Your marketing mix

Every cake is different. Why you’ve made it, how and what’s in it can vary greatly. So is every business; your needs and ambitions are totally unique. So what’s in a CRE8 Christmas cake?



  • Currants: your products and services
  • Sultanas: your team
  • Raisins: your growth plans
  • Brandy: your mission statement; the fire behind your business
  • Sugar: market research
  • Butter: your competitors
  • Eggs: your strategy, binding your ingredients together
  • Flour: your budget, necessary to help you grow
  • Spices: your brand; the ‘zing’!
  • Marzipan: marketing ideas; they’re a bit different, quirky and complement the cake
  • Icing: promotional material; literally the icing on the cake. It looks good, appealing to your audience


Each ingredient is as important as the next, and they all combine to make the perfect cake.

You’ll start your marketing process by getting your products and services, team and growth plans in place, ensuring that your mission statement flows throughout to give your business its unique flavour.

Your market and competitor research should be blended together, giving you a solid base into which you can add strategy and a budget.

Your brand is next; is it right for your target audience? Will it appeal to those you want to attract or do you need to adjust it to suit their tastes?

You need to bake your cake now. Ensure that all of your ingredients are evenly mixed, well-balanced and have plenty of opportunity to bind together. Take your time with preparation and the bake; you can’t rush the process.

Once you have a fully-baked cake, you can start to add the finishing touches. Your marketing ideas – campaigns, events and themes – come first, each of them bringing a unique flavour to your business.

Finally, add your decorative touches. Whether it’s a new website, fresh, eye-catching literature or wide-format print to help you stand out, have fun with it and bring some sparkle to your marketing in 2016.

Want to plan your marketing mix for 2016? We’d love to help you find the right ingredients.

Email us at hello@thinkcre8.co.uk, join us on Twitter @thinkcre8 or pop in for a chat (and, if you’re lucky, a bit of cake).

Our new apprentice getting his marketing mix ready for Christmas