Bin POP3 and move to Microsoft Hosted Exchange, here’s why…

Up until a few years ago businesses could do one of the following:

Buy, support and maintain their own in-house Microsoft Exchange Server – an often costly exercise, and usually an overkill for most businesses like ours.

Or, they could struggle along using outdated POP3 mailboxes.

Now there is an alternative…

Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Thanks to ‘The Cloud’ we can have Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes, without the need for our own in-house server. Great! This means that SMEs can have the same standard of mailboxes as multi-national corporates.

Each Exchange Mailbox includes the following specification:

  • synchronisation of mail, calendars and notes between your mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop (see below for details)
  • Share your calendar with other team members
  • 25-50GB Storage
  • Spam/Virus Filtering
  • permanent Archiving
  • UK Hosting/Support

Email synchronisation

The great thing about Hosted Exchange is it’s ability to sync your emails, calendars and notes across all your devices, regardless of your location. Example:

Let’s say I sent an important email to a client last week from the office. I go to visit the client, but they’ve accidentally deleted the email. No problem, I simply re-send the email from the sent items folder on my iPhone.

All your mailboxes, notes and calendar’s are always with you. Brill!


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