5 reasons why you should be using Instagram

With an average of 300 million monthly users, Instagram is the perfect platform to enhance your social reach. Since storming onto the scene in 2010, Instagram has become one of the biggest social media sites, and is well worth utilising. Here are 5 reasons why:

 1. Showcase your brand

If there’s one thing that Your Marketing Goodguys® have taught you, it’s that content is king.  There are different types of content- from text, to images, and even video; and Instagram enables you to use them all at the same time, in the same place. Showcasing your product or service has never been made so easy and the inclusion of a creative caption can transform your post from a simple image into something that your followers want to share.

2. Present your personality

Give images your own edge by choosing filters that coincide with your brand. For example, Your Marketing Goodguys® love our on-brand yellow, and will incorporate this wherever we can. If you’re a photographer specialising in vintage images, choose a vintage filter! Or if you’re a young, dynamic company- choose bright, colourful filters! Reinforce your brand throughout your Instagram by keeping posts on-brand.

3. Enhance your engagement

Instagram is great for really engaging with your target audience, whether it be directly with specific hashtags, or through your timeline presence alone. Studies show that Instagram is actually around 60% more engaging than Facebook, and so it only makes sense to be using this platform to raise awareness of you and your brand.

4. Improve your online presence

More than half of people using social media sites use more than one, which means that you should be too.  Having engaging content on multiple social media channels will make you that much easier to find in search engine results, and it makes it easier for your target audience to find you. Therefore it’s really worth investing some time into an Instagram account and seeing if it works for you. Time is money, but Instagram is free. Give it a go!

5. Drive traffic to your site

The be all and end all; people actually visiting your website. By placing your website link in your Instagram bio, you’re opening yourself up to large amounts of potential. Every time you post, include a call to action. A ‘contact us’, a ‘check out our latest blog post’, expressing that the link is in your bio. It’s an extra step that your audience has to take, but you’d be surprised how often they’re willing to.

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