Web Design in Wigan

Our trusted team of web designers and web developers will not only build you a new website, we’ll support and develop your site as your organisation grows. Our team of professionals in Wigan have over 15 years combined web design experience, meaning that your site will perform for you. Our team rank highly with local business and schools in Wigan – see what our clients say about us here.

Our Wigan web design professionals:

  • Paul – started the business back in 2009 as web designer and developer
  • Jordan – started in 2012 as apprentice web developer
  • Jonathan – started in 2013 as graphic and web designer
  • Vicki – started in 2015 as our website content extraordinaire!
  • Meet all our team – click here.

Wigan Web Design Clients

  • PA Hull, Wigan
  • Hindley Community Pool, Wigan
  • Tutoringworks, Wigan
  • Wigan BBC, Wigan
  • …and many more!!

Types of website

Our websites Vs cheap websites – what’s the difference?

Your website will probably be your number one marketing tool. If done correctly your website will promote your business, raising your profile and generate new enquiries and sales. Many businesses in Wigan simply purchase the cheapest website they can. How can a website that costs just £10pcm generate new sales and enquiries? Surely if it was that easy we’d all be using a £10pcm website provider?!

Our web design process includes:

  • Website consultancy with our professionals. Visit our studio in the Wigan Borough and meet our team. Let us understand your business in greater detail.
  • Website content – our professional copywriter will work with you to generate content that promotes and markets your business. Remember it’s not just ‘what’ you do, it’s ‘why’ you do it. Effectively written content will sell your business.
  • Website photography – our professional photographer will take photographs of you, your team and your business, promoting your brand effectively (something that can’t be done using stock images).
  • Wireframe design of the website – planning the positioning and priority of content
  • Graphical mock-ups of web pages – so you can work with us on the design of your website before it’s built
  • Design and build of the website – involving you in the process and giving you website access so you can see your website being built
  • Website testing – we’ll test your website before it’s built. Our website testing includes over 100 checks to make sure it’s right before it goes live.
  • Website development – once live we’ll work with you to proactively manage and develop your website so it works for your organisation.

What is a Wireframe?

The very first step in our web design process is the building of the wireframe. Wireframes are essentially the blue print for your website, and allow you to gain an idea of what the finished thing will look like before we’ve chosen a single colour or image.

These are a really important part of our web design process here at CRE8, and any client we’ve worked with in Wigan will tell you so themselves.

Download this PDF to find out more about Wireframes.

Wigan Website SEO & local website marketing

Once your new website is ready it’s important to have an effective website marketing strategy in place. Your website is your ‘shop window’. Your shop’s now open for business, but how do we get customers to come through the door? Our web design professionals will work with you to promote your business so that we can attract and convert website visitors to new customers.

Our website marketing services include:

  • Marketing strategy – understanding your target audience (who and where they are)
  • Website testing tools – rating the search engine performance of your website each month
  • Website SEO – building new web pages to maximise the exposure of your site in search results
  • Website content – content really is king. We’ll provide and upload optimised content that will help to increase your search rankings (resulting in more website traffic)
  • Regular website audits – checking to make sure your website keeps performing month after month

Click here to read more about our web design services.

Wigan, we’re Your Marketing Goodguys!

  • Our offices are in the Wigan Borough
  • Open door policy
  • Highly rated by our clients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Beautiful websites
  • Award winning support

Wigan web design clients

5.0 out of 5

"CRE8 have designed a very successful website for us which has had an extremely positive impact on our business!"

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4.9 out of 5

"Friendly approachable team which goes that extra mile for the customer. I would strongly recommend CRE8 to all."

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4.8 out of 5

"CRE8 are a pleasure to work with, and have the vision and creativity to convert our ideas into a quality and professional looking product."

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With our local trusted professional friendly experienced service, clients keep on returning to CRE8.

Some of our lovely clients based in the Wigan area