Web Design Case Study No.3 (Whisper International)

Whisper International is a company that’s going places. Established in 2007, Swinton-based Whisper started life as a product concept and gifting manufacturer for a broad range of retailers, including supermarkets and discount stores.

Client Overview

There’s no doubt that Whisper International is a company that’s going places. Established in 2007, Swinton-based Whisper started life as a product concept and gifting manufacturer for a broad range of retailers, including supermarkets and discount stores.

Neil and Mike’s background in packaging helped them to quickly build a product line which included the seasonal and gift presentation of foods such as jams, crisps, biscuits and alcohol. Contracts with high-street names Aldi and Lidl gave the company a firm base from which to grow, bringing Whisper to the attention of not only larger retailers but also source manufacturers looking for quality repackaging of their products.

Now marketing their own-brand products ranging from food to travel goods alongside those of their clients, Whisper is enjoying a sustained period of growth with extended premises and a team that has expanded from 3 to 25 in recent years.

The client’s need

With increased business and clients amongst the biggest in the industry comes a need to focus on image and Whisper quickly identified that their website wasn’t up to scratch. Their simple, one-page presence had to become more corporate and accomplished, in keeping with their business strategy.

Product display was critical; potential customers needed to be able to browse both on PC and via tablet or mobile Whisper’s product lines, exploring their versatility within a professional design and opening up the business to a much wider audience.

Why CRE8?

Whisper approached us following a mutual contact’s recommendation. From their brief, we understood that they needed a website which, although responsive and interactive, was simple and straightforward to navigate. Affordability was an important factor and we were able to offer a design and hosting package at a highly competitive rate.

Our location nearby enabled us to make contact easily, meeting the client both in our own office and onsite. We believe that face-to-face contact makes all the difference when building a client relationship; we get to know and understand what the client wants far more clearly during a chat and we’re able to explain and demonstrate their options without any technical jargon.

“Because CRE8 is so local, it was very convenient to be able to go and see them or for their team to visit us, meaning that the job was completed quickly with great support.”

Web Design & development

Working alongside the client, Jonathan and Jordan developed the initial artwork and test website, keeping the design visually strong and featuring a clear call to action on each page to enable easy contact for prospective clients. The product range was incorporated within a downloadable portfolio which looks great whether viewed on PC, tablet or mobile.

We also took care of the photography content, complementing the overall style of the website without distracting from its primary role as a showcase for Whisper’s products and customers.

“Working with CRE8 is made very easy due to the size of the team; because they’re not too big, whenever you need to get hold of someone they are there to help you out straight away. The service is really personal.”

“The service we received was incredibly professional but the team explained the process and any queries very simply, keeping communication clear.”

As with any job, we made sure that the client was kept up-to-date throughout. We always aim to respond to queries straight away and, where alterations to the design were required, these were dealt with promptly in order to get the website up, running and working for the client as quickly as possible.

The CRE8 solution

The new Whisper website looks clean, modern and reads well on any device. Products are browsed easily and clear sections and website mapping aid navigation. Prospective clients are able to view the management team and manufacturing facilities and contact is made simple via a straightforward online enquiry form.

We paired the website with updated business cards for each member of the management team, reflecting the business’ updated corporate and professional image which is vital when meeting and influencing major buyers.

“Paul took the time to get to know and understand our business and where we want to be. The message of the new website is clear and focused, in keeping with our commercial strategy.”

Feedback has been excellent and Whisper continue to work with us, updating their website regularly and renewing when necessary.

“We have already recommended CRE8 to others. Their prices are really competitive for a growing business like Whisper and the service is professional and knowledgeable. They are communicative and take great care in making sure that the work they’re doing is what we’re looking for. We’re delighted with the job they’ve done for us already and we anticipate a very positive future working relationship.”

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