5 things you need to know about Facebook

Everyone’s on Facebook. From your mum, to your hairdresser, to the 5th cousin you met once when you were 5. There are actually more than 60 million active Facebook users, around 40 million of whom use the site every day. To rule Facebook out of any marketing strategy would be very short-sighted, but to get the most out of the world’s leading social media platform there are a few things to be aware of:

1. You can pick your personal preferences

Facebook allows you to prioritise a few things, one being which posts make it to the top of your News Feed (and which posts don’t). Through your Facebook preferences, you can select the friend, or page, whose posts you want to see first. This means you need never miss a post from Your Marketing Goodguys again!


2. Respond to receive

Facebook doesn’t show you everything; it can’t, there’s just too much. It shows you posts from the people and the pages that you interact with the most. Therefore, if you want to see posts from Your Marketing Goodguys, liking our Facebook page won’t guarantee that you will.

To make sure that you do, you can either prioritise our posts or just ensure that you’re interacting with the ones that you do see, and then you’ll see more of them!

3. Hashtags may be hurting you

We all love a good hashtag – but Facebook users not so much. A recent study conducted by Buzzsumo shows that Facebook posts containing hashtags actually receive LESS engagement than posts that do. They don’t seem to add anything to posts, and may even be harming your reach.

However, Facebook does accommodate hashtags, and with 1.5 billion searches carried out on the platform every day, there’s definitely a place for them. It’s just about using them at the right time and for the right reasons. Overloading a post with unnecessary hashtags could turn users off.

4. Invest in Instagram

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is a free photo-sharing app. If you don’t currently use it, you should be. It’s been proven that photos shared to Facebook through Instagram receive 23% MORE engagement than those posted straight to Facebook.

Simply sharing your photos to Facebook is no longer enough. Get yourself an Instagram account, find your favourite filter, and up those engagement levels!

5. Before you Unfriend, Unfollow

Is your News Feed constantly full of annoying, worthless posts? Much like you can prioritise the posts you do see, you can also control the posts you don’t see. All you have to do is ‘unfollow’ the person or page that is becoming an annoyance. This means that you’ll remain friends or you’ll still ‘like’ the page, but you just won’t see their posts. Handy!


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